Virtual Event Studio

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An LED "Smart stage" that brings your virtual event to life

With our parent company, NEP, and in partnership with Skyway Studios, we have the first general-production LED "smart stage" in Nashville. Using the latest in Ultra High-resolution LED, the NEP-Skyway Smart Stage transforms the typical flat-wall stage into a true 3D environment, allowing for unlimited creative possibilities and a more natural exchange between the talent and the virtual space. Presenters and performers can walk on stage and immediately feel comfortable in the space, reducing or even eliminating the need for additional rehearsal time.

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The Perfect blank canvas for any production

Designed to accommodate a full national touring act performing a complete concert in the space, the stage is the largest of its kind for production rental and offers a dynamic, virtual backdrop for a wide range of productions – including concerts, touring acts, news/politics shows and events, film & TV, entertainment and sports award and talk shows, still photography, corporate meetings/events and more.

fully outfitted

The 38’ wide x 20’ deep x 14’ tall stage is part of a 150,000+ square foot facility with many amenities and features including:

  • 4 full-size sound stages and virtual insert stages
  • Ample space for social distancing for all
  • Limited labor needed to install and operate
  • Availability for production 24/7
  • Fully secure campus with 24-hour security
  • Complete Hair, Makeup and Greenrooms

other stages available around the globe

In addition to this cutting-edge stage in Nashville, NEP operates stages in Los Angeles, New York, across Europe, in the Middle East, and Australia. We can support your next virtual event no matter where you need to host it.


We have an extensive range of plasma and LCD monitors from HD to 4K, large to small. They can be combined, hung, flown, suspended and mounted in any way imagined. Our fabrication department has designed and manufactured countless mounts, stands and rigs to facilitate the event designer’s vision as needed, or they can be built into a set piece for long term video support on a game show, talk show or other televised event.

Our experienced team will work with you to make sure you have everything you need to make your next event the best it can be.