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Let us help you create incredible visual displays

We have helped to create some of the most show-stopping visual displays around. Whether it is a
one-day auto race, a week-long music festival, or a year-long concert world tour, we can create a display tailor-made to your needs.

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We offer a full range of cutting-edge LED technology for both indoor and outdoor use.  We work with manufacturers to develop our own products that offer the latest innovations in LED displays packaged to set up quickly, tear down easily, and travel around the globe safely – all with our clients’ specific needs in mind.  Covering a full range from fine pitch indoor displays to multi story outdoor displays, we can create custom LED solutions for any show, any size. Our product range includes: Indoor LED, Outdoor LED, Creative LED, Mobile LED screen trucks


Our BigMo mobile LED Screen trucks all feature a jumbo LED screen that is raised above the roof of the trailer and can easily be turned and adjusted to provide the best viewing angle.  In addition, they can supply their own power and offer a self-contained, climate-controlled production room.   Any of our BigMos can arrive on site, set up within two hours, cover an event live, and then easily pack up and move on to the next location.  Designed for use in large, open outdoor spaces, our BigMos are used for a variety of major sporting events, festivals and large outdoor civic events.


We offer a complete range of projection options including DLP, LCD, HD, 4K and 3D units that can accommodate any scale production from IMAG Screens on a concert tour, to projection mapping on a building, to a corporate event or movie screening. Our projectors are accompanied by the widest range of screen and screen material available. We can create a front or rear projection solution for any size or scale.


We have an extensive range of plasma and LCD monitors from HD to 4K, large to small. They can be combined, hung, flown, suspended and mounted in any way imagined. Our fabrication department has designed and manufactured countless mounts, stands and rigs to facilitate the event designer’s vision as needed, or they can be built into a set piece for long term video support on a game show, talk show or other televised event.

Our experienced team will work with you to make sure you have everything you need to make your next event the best it can be.