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United States


NEP has been supporting Bonnaroo since 2006, providing webcast production services and live event display to capture all of the action across the festival stages and bring it to fans on site and at home. At the 2017 festival, our Screenworks group provided a total of 15 LED screens for all six stages - as well as other screens in VIP areas and used for festival signage. The LED screens for the stages ranged from 12’x20’ to a massive 40’x80’ display on the main stage. To feed the LED, support the production of multiple webcasts, provide feeds of security cameras to festival staff and provide a massive data and internet infrastructure for the entire festival, we provided an extensive fiber optic network - which we built and maintained on site specifically for the festival.  We also provided four trailers to support the production of streams for 3 channels on RedBull TV, 4 channels on Sirius XM, the on-site festival network and to provide video content for the LED display on the stages. The LED displays and webcasts pulled from over 25 manned cameras and an additional 6 robotic cameras around the festival grounds. Inside the production trailers, we provided facilities to record all streams for archive as well as cut, edit and stream all of the individual webcast productions. This included a EVS server network that recorded feeds from each camera and allowed the production teams to time shift performances and edit together shows to create compelling, seamless, and engaging experiences for the fans at home. 

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